Black Rhino Glamis

Product Code: Black Rhino Glamis
Black Rhino Glamis

Wheel Width x Diameter

What is this?

E.g. 6.5x16. Indicates wheel size, where 6.5 (width) x 16 (diameter) of wheel. The wheel diameter is the diameter of the rim in inches where the beads of the tyre sit on the wheel. Wheel diameter is indicated on the sidewall of your tyres: e.g. 205/55R16 88V.

Bolts x Distance

What is this?

E.g. 4x100. Indicated that the wheel has 4 bolt holes x 100 PCD. PCD is measured in mm, and is an imaginary circle drawn through the centre of the bolt holes.

Wheel Offset

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The offset of a wheel is the distance from its hub mounting surface to the centerline of the wheel.

Wheel Finish:

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Wheel ranges are available in a variety of finishes. Each style has a unique colour and texture, from high gloss to powder coated and diamond cut, matt black to polished silver, chrome, machine face and more. See product specifications for wheel finish.

Available Sizes: 17''

Studs: 6

Finish: Matt Black


Black Rhino’s offroad Glamis alloy wheel is aptly named as it is in Glamis, California where the Algodones Dunes exert their siren call on fearless off-road recreational enthusiasts. Even the arches between its eight spokes are reminiscent of the magnificent sand dunes of Glamis. A cog-like hub cover hides the hardware in Glamis’s recessed hub, while a silver hex bolt on a perfect positioned promontory punctuates the rim-side end of each spoke.